Schedule of Availability of Service:

Monday – Friday
7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (no noon break)

Who May Avail of the Service:

            Applicants of Condominium Projects

What are the Requirements:

A. At least 2 sets of Condominium Plan at any of the following scales: 1:200; 1:400; or any scale not exceeding 1:400 duly signed and sealed by a licensed architect:

  1. Site development plan to include parking and parks and playground layout, if applicable.
  2. Floor plan(s)
  3. Sections and elevations

B. At least 2 copies of vicinity map indicating the adjoining land uses, access, as well as existing facilities and utilities at least within 500 meters from the property boundaries of the project, drawn to scale and duly signed and sealed by a licensed geodetic engineer.
C. Building specifications and estimated cost.
D. Zoning Certificate from HLURB Regional Office
E. Certified true copy of DAR conversion order.
F. Certified true copy of Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) or Certificate of Non-coverage (CNC) duly issued by the DENR, whichever is applicable.
G. Certified true copy of title(s) and current tax receipt.
H. Right to use or deed of sale of right-of-way for access road and other utilities when applicable.
I. One (1) copy of project study to include the following:

    1. Project profile indicating among others, the development cost, total project cost, amortization schedules, sources of financing, marketability, cash flow, architectural building plans and work program/project time table;
    2. Audited financial statement for the last 3 preceding years;
    3. Income tax return for the last 3 preceding years;
    4. Certificate of registration from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC);
    5. Articles of incorporation or partnership;
    6. Corporation by-laws and all implementing amendments, and
    7. For new corporations (3 years and below) statement of capitalization and sources of income and cash flow to support work program.

J. Permit to drill from NWRB or certificate of coverage from concerned local franchise holder.
K. Copy of the special/temporary permit from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and of the separate permit from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) for foreign architects who signed on plans required under the Implementing Rules and Regulations of PD 957. (per Board Res. No. 839, series of 2009)
L. List of names of duly licensed professionals who signed the plans and other similar documents in connection with application filed indicating the following information;

    1. Surname
    2. First name
    3. Middle name
    4. Maiden name, in case of married women professional;
    5. Professional licensed number, date of issue and expiration of its validity; and
    6. Professional

Duration: 8 days, 3 hours, 30 minutes
Processing Fees:
Development Permit/Conversion Permit
PALC = P 600.00
+ Constructed Building Area (Floor Area) x P 19.20 per sq.m.
+ No. of Levels x 240.00 per level = TOTAL PROCESSING FEE

TOTAL PROCESSING FEE (Payable to HLURB Managers Check or Cashiers
Check) Plus 1% UP Legal Research Fee (Payable to Bureau of Treasury / Cash)

Alteration of Plan
            Affected Area x P4.80 per sq. m. = TOTAL PROCESSING FEE

TOTAL PROCESSING FEE (Payable to HLURB Managers Check or Cashiers
Check) Plus 1% UP Legal Research Fee (Payable to Bureau of Treasury / Cash)



Service Provider
Duration of Activity
Person in Charge
Documentary Requirements
Files application for Development Permit with supporting documents Receives/checks completeness of documents. If incomplete, returns to applicant. 20 minutes Records Officer    
  1. If complete, computes processing fee.
  2. Prepares Order of Payment and informs the applicant of the amount to be paid.
15 minutes
5 minutes
Records Officer    
Presents Order of Payment and pays processing fee
  1. Accepts full payment of processing fee.
  2. Prepares Official Receipt.
  3. Gives Official Receipt to applicant.
15 minutes Cashier   Official Receipt
Receives Official Receipt and submits it to Records Officer          
  Scans submitted documents and endorses to Regional Officer 1 hour Records Officer    
  1. Receives and logs documents.
  2. Assigns and indorses documents to Head of PRLD.
5 minutes
5 minutes
Secretary of the Regional Officer
Regional Officer
  Receives documents and assigns documents to evaluator/ processor. 5 minutes Head, Planning Registration and Licensing Division (PRLD)    
  1. Evaluates documents submitted.
  2. Notes down additional requirements, if any.
2 days Evaluator/ Processor    
  1. Conducts site inspection.
  2. Prepares report.
1 day Evaluator/
  1. Prepares Notice of Deficiency of requirements for signature of the Head, PRLD.
  2. Reviews and signs Notice of Deficiency.
10 minutes
15 minutes
Evaluator/ Processor
Head, PRLD
  1. Receives Notice of Deficiency in requirements.
  2. Submits required documents
Complies with monitoring and adjudication orders
  1. Requests clearance from Monitoring and Adjudication Division.
  2. If there is pending compliance to existing orders, requires applicant to comply with orders.
5 minutes
5 days
Evaluator/ Processor    
  1. Prepares and signs Executive Brief.
  2. Prepares and initials Development Permit.
  3. Stamp approves and initials plans.
1 day Evaluator/ Processor    
  1. Reviews/evaluates, initials Development Permit and Plans and signs Executive Brief.
15 minutes      
  1. Reviews and affixes signature on Development Permit/Plans/EB
  2. Receiving/Releasing Officer/ Secretary of the Regional Director forwards Development Permit to Records Officer.
15 minutes
5 minutes
Office of the Regional Dir.    
  Releases Development Permit
Gives feedback Form to applicant with instruction to drop it in suggestion box.
5 minutes Records Officer    
  1. Receives Development Permit.
  2. Fills out Feedback Form

Duration: 8 days, 3 hours, 20 minutes