How many APDs/ULRZs are there at present?

There are at present 284 APDs / ULRZs.

In addition to the 244 APDs in Metro Manila under Proclamation No. 1967 and Dagat-Dagatan, Tondo under Proclamation No. 2284, nineteen (19) Slum Improvement and Resettlement (SIR) sites were included pursuant to Proclamation No. 1810 (Declaring that all sites under the Zonal Improvement Program (ZIP) and SIR areas shall become ULRZs upon proclamation by the President). These are located in the regional cities of Bacolod, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Davao. Subsequently, pursuant to the same decree, the National Housing Authority identified and proclaimed 20 more APD sites – 19 in Metro Manila and one in Cebu City.

In summary:

Number of APDs/ULRZs

By Proclamation No. 1967 – 244
By Proclamation No. 2284 – 1
By Proclamation No. 1810 – 19
By NHA Approval – 20

Total – 284

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