What is the significance of a parcel of land’s being within an APD/ULRZ?

Within an APD/ULRZ:

  1. Legitimate tenants who have resided on the land for ten years or more who have built their homes on the land, and residents who have legally occupied the lands by contract, continuously for the last ten years shall not be dispossessed of the land and shall be allowed the right of first refusal to purchase the same within a reasonable time and at reasonable prices.
  2. No urban land can be disposed of or used or constructed on unless its disposition or use conforms with the development and zoning plans. This is implemented through the requirement of development use permit or locational clearance for projects within these areas.
  3. In cases where the tenants and residents are unable to purchase the said lands, the government may acquire the same by expropriation or other land acquisition techniques in accordance with the policies of existing laws.

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