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3Rested. Renewed. Reminded.

These are just some of the words that best describe our experience on the 3-day HLURB regional get together and Gender and Development training.

The Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), in celebration of its 38TH years conducted its annual get together and GAD training last May 21-23, 2014 at the Bohol Divers, Panglao, Bohol. Three (3) regional offices buoyantly participated on the said event; Southern Mindanao Region (SMR), Northern Mindanao Region (NMR) and Central Visayas Region (CVR).

The team visited some of Bohol’s famous tourist attractions such as; Baclayon church, which is one of Philippines National Cultural Treasure; the country’s third National Geological Monument-Chocolate Hills; and the home of the world’s smallest primate, Loboc’s Tarsier Conservation area.

5Bohol experience had been more memorable as we experienced Loboc’s famous floating restaurant where varieties of sumptuous seafood delicacies were served and shared by the delegates. And while eating the delectable foods, local artists serenade the team as well as local children who showcased their dance talent through our very own cultural dances.
Prior to the tour the team headed by CVR Director Alixes Roy T. Lopez proceeded to Dao Diamond Hotel to personally send greetings to Gov. Edgardo Chatto of the province of Bohol. The governor was on a rehabilitation meeting then yet gladly welcomed us and wished us blissful experience on the island.

The team also had a social night where all three regions showcase different presentations. SMR in their Muslim dance with a modern twist, NMR in their very own “regional office id” and CVR in their Hawaiian dance, but unlike the ordinary style where women in grass skirts dance the region had it men which hailed them champion.

4On top of the fun and leisure, the participants from all regions had been educated by the importance of Gender and Development. GAD Consultant Esther Estrella, gave input on the said topic emphasizing on gender sensitivity and gender equality among men and women.

She also cited R.A. 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women to emphasize women rights. Through the activity, all regions were able to identify issues concerning gender, realizing that even to our very own clients gender bias exists.
RD Lopez and CVR CAO Linella Cuevas were designated to consolidate the issues identified during the training and to give feedback to the Philippine Commission on Women as well as to Central Office on July 31, 2014.

Commissioner Luis A. Paredes was also present on the event and welcomed the participants.
In general the activity was both fun and eye-opening giving those who had been there countless times a refreshing experience and for first timers a warm and unforgettable welcome.



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HLURB CVR unites cluster interim officers through the Executive Committee Assembly held last December 13, 2013 at Crown Regency Residences, Guadalupi, Cebu City.

Thirty seven interim officers from the 6 newly organized HOA CLUSTER FEDERATION OF HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS participated on the said assembly. Nine (9) officers from cluster 1 (Cebu City Central), four (4) from cluster 2 (Cebu City South), Seven (7) from cluster 4 (Cebu City North), and four (4) from cluster 5 (Lapu-Lapu City and Cordova),Five (5) from cluster 7 (Mandaue), and Seven (7) from cluster 7 (Cebu Province South). RECOHOA President Bensing Raguindin was also present on the said event.

The assembly was the validation and ratification of the Article of Incorporation of the Federation drafted by the Management committee the day before, December 12.

The event was also a chance for the agency to create an action plan for 2014 that was commonly agreed with the HOAs. The said interim officers are expected to meet again on January 14, 2014 with the rest of HOA members.


sugboanHLURB Central Visayas goes to the Land of promise- Davao City for the 2013 developers seminar dubbed as “Developers Skills Upgrading Seminar Workshop on Subdivision/Condominium Processing, Approval and Implementing Rules and Regulation on monitoring.”

The seminar was attended by 41 participants from 26 developers mainly from Cebu province including Subdivision and Housing Developers Association Central Visayas Region (SHDA CVR) Vice President Ms. Leonora Paradela and SHDA CVR board member Mr. Paolo Marco Quisumbing.

It had the classroom- type discussion which discussed updates on recent policies and amended guidelines affecting HLURB devolved/ retained functions and the mechanisms on how to fast track the processing/ issuances on permits/ clearances related to Real Estate Management. It also covers the Revised IRR governing Sec. 18 of R.A. 7279.

The opening was graced by Comm. Luis A. Paredes, Supervising Commissioner for Legal Services and Homeowners Association, Northern Luzon, Southern and Northern Mindanao Regions who had welcomed queries regarding the overall topic and the function of HLURB itself. Along with him was Atty. Karl Frederick Borja who represented HLURB’s CEO Comm. Antonio A. Bernardo who also gave input on socialized housing joint ventures. SHDA Southern Mindanao Region Vice President Engr. Sol G. Lagmay was also present on the said occasion to welcome the participants in behalf of SHDA SM President Arch. Kristin L.Lu.
Although the discussion lasted after dinner yet the developers enthusiasm and energy never slowed down. They were very eager to ask questions which were affably addressed by our CVR staffs headed by Regional Director Alixes Roy T. Lopez.

“Through the events such as this (seminar), we wish to convey that our office is not an enemy of the developers but a partner which aims to assist you and help you comply the requirements set by the law,” Director Lopez said.

Furthermore, the participants had a field trip on their 2nd day where they visited Davao’s tourist destinations such as: The Philippine Eagle, Malagos garden, The Garden of Eden Restored and Crocodile Park. It was a whole day tour which allows participants to explore the city, mingle with other developers and even evaluate their learning from the 1st day discussion.

On the other hand, several developers particularly those in Bohol province and Tacloban City were not able to participate due to the recent calamities that struck their areas. Although on the earlier part of the preparation they were indeed very forthcoming.

In general, the event did not just benefit the participants cognitively but it also became an avenue to strengthen partnership between HLURB and CVR developers.

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