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Sama-sama sa HOA Triad Held
May 26, 2015


The first Sama-sama sa HOA or Homeowners Associations was conducted for the Southeastern coast composed of the provinces of Negros Oriental, Siquijor and Bohol dubbed as “ Sama-sama sa HOA TRIAD, Role of HOA to Eradicate Graft and Corruption and Briefing on the Importance of Gender and Development among Registered Homeowners Associations” last May 22, 2015 at Plaza Maria Luisa, Dumaguete City.

The event was a collaboration of Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board Central Visayas Region, the office of the Deputy Ombudsman for the Visayas and the Civil Service Commission.

It was attended by 23 registered HOAs or 220 homeowners from all three (3) provinces.

The participants received a message from HLURB’s Chief Executive Officer Antonio M. Bernardo, who arrived with the supervising commissioner for Central Visayas Ria Corazon Golez-Cabrera, supervising commissioner for HOA Luis Paredes and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) secretary general Celia Alba.

Dir. Philip Camiguing of the Office of the Ombudsman Region VI talked about graft and corruption and how it can be eradicated through the participation of HOAs.

Dir. Camiguing emphasized that Graft and Corruption in public offices can only proliferate, if the citizens remain passive or tolerant to this unscrupulous activity.2

He also appreciated HLURB for organizing such information awareness to the public. Aside from Dir. Camiguing, Dir. Merlinda Quillano of the Civil Service Commission Dumaguete City also spoke about Gender and Development raising higher awareness on Gender Equality and development.

Before the activity was concluded participants were graced by nonetheless H.E. Jejomar Binay who gave the closing message, however, rather than just giving a message the Vice President had also
addressed some of the HOAs concerns including the problem on land which is already foreclosed by the PNB.

VP Binay promised the HOA to negotiate with PNB for the property to be sold to the HOA who lived in the said property.

Other problems such as the resettlements in Negros Oriental were also addressed by VP Binay saying that He would personally look into the issue, so to fast track the projects whom he had specifically identified.3

Furthermore, Regional Director Alixes Roy Lopez of HLURB Central Visayas who spare- headed the activity with HOA cluster coordinator Jenniveve Publico was very thankful for the success of the
event not just in numbers but more on with how the public responded with the information disseminated to them and how they commit to be involved in eradication graft and corruption.

“This is just one way to inform the public of how we (HLURB) are so serious in the issue of graft and corruption and how important the role of the HOA to materialize this endeavor…this is like elevating their roles from being a mere member of their respective HOAs” Dir. Lopez said.

Lastly, Dir. Lopez was also thankful to the support provided by the office of the Ombudsman and the Civil Service Commission along with all HLURB Commissioners and mostly the vice president.

HLURB to developers: Be honest to buyers
May 11, 2015

Original Article from Cebu Daily News by Vanessa Lucero

20 subdivision projects with over 1,700 house-and-lot units granted licenses to sell in first quarter

Implementation of stricter advertising rules for property development projects has promoted transparency and protected both buyers and sellers, a housing official said.

The new rules, which took effect on April 16, require developers and brokers to provide specific information about their projects in their advertisements.

Alixes Roy T. Lopez, regional director of the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), appealed to developers and brokers to comply with the revised rules and be more honest with their buyers.

“Developers should comply with all the new requirements so as to avoid penalties. Brokers should register now for the protection of the investments of the buyers and also so that we can help them,” Lopez told Cebu Daily News.

Buyers, for their part, should also be more vigilant when purchasing properties and do background checks on developers and sellers, he said.

“Do not sign blank contracts. And if you have any doubts about the place you are interested in, before signing anything, call the office or go to the website,” he added.

Cebu is the site of around 80% of housing projects in the  Central Visayas region, Lopez said.

In the first quarter of this year, he said HLURB granted licenses to sell to 20 subdivision projects offering 1,773 house-and-lot packages and 705 lots. These projects have a combined estimated cost of P6.2 trillion, Lopez said.

The HLURB is closely monitoring compliance of Resolution No. 921, which revised the implementing rules and regulations governing advertisements of subdivision and condominium projects.

Advertisements promoting a real estate development project now have to provide the name of the owner or developer, the exact location of the property, target completion date and pricing. The license to sell as approved by HLURB should also be stated.

Even online advertisements are not spared. Lopez said two personnel have been assigned to monitor online advertisements.

Another resolution, No. 922, requires dealers, brokers and salesmen of subdivision and condominium projects to register with the HLURB.

Lopez said it’s now easier to track down brokers and developers, as long as they are in the HLURB database.

“Disputes between buyers and sellers are easily solved because it is much easier to contact the seller and check if he or she followed the new guidelines,” Lopez said.

In a way, he said the sellers are also protected because HLURB can easily review their papers.

“If they have been following all the guidelines, then the complaints are easily managed and if there is something lacking, then it can be readily resolved,” he added.

To track down unregistered brokers and sellers, Lopez said they rely merely on information provided by the complainants.

So far, he said 402 brokers, 686 salespersons and 45 business firms have registered with the HLURB.

HLURB-7  boasts of being the only regional office that releases licensing and development permits in 21 days.

“In other regions, it takes them more than a month to release the permit. Here, we are able to release the permit in 21 days. We have been able to do that for year,” Lopez said.

To secure a license to sell, a developer will have to submit advertisements for approval and register brokers and realtors. This takes only five days, if all requirements are complied with.

“If we stick to the guidelines and follow the guidelines, there should be no problems,” Lopez added.

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Housing ads to undergo review
May 11, 2015

Original Article from Sun Star Cebu by Jeandie O. Galolo.

AROUND 400 residential projects in Central Visayas are expected to carry out changes in their advertising materials before the year ends, following the new advertisement guidelines issued by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board.

Alixes Roy Lopez, HLURB 7 Director, said his office has received and evaluated 132 projects as of Wednesday. Of the figure, 78 were condominium projects and 54 were subdivisions.

On February 14, 2014, the HLURB, in Resolution 921, revised its implementing rules on advertising subdivision and condominium projects. The resolution prohibits advertisements containing “exaggerated and misleading” statements.

“About 80 percent of advertisement applications were returned due to non-compliance with the revised IRR (implementing rules and regulations) of the advertisement approval,” Lopez said.

Advertisements referred to in the guidelines cover print, broadcast, electronic and out-of-home ads like billboards, banners, tarpaulins, transit ads, and digital displays.

The resolution states that all real estate ads should specify the name of the developer, the exact location of the project, its license to sell (LS) number, the advertisement’s approval number, and the approved completion date as indicated in the LS. For economic and socialized housing projects, a maximum selling price shall also be stated in the ads.

In addition, pictures and illustrations should be “properly captioned” and the ad should state whether these are actual photographs, an architect’s perspective or an artist’s illustration. The project’s location and distance in relation to a or landmark should be expressed in kilometers.

In the case of print ads, the resolution states that the LS number must be of the same font type and size and resolution as the advertisers’ contact number.

HLURB officials said LS number will ensure prospective buyers that they are dealing with legitimate projects.

Advertising future projects not covered by a license to sell is also prohibited.

“These guidelines are being strictly implemented in order to foster greater unity, peace and harmony among the private investors, buyers, and the government,” Lopez said.

HLURB earlier noted the move as a way to enable the public to make an “informed choice,” a form of protection to prospective buyers against fraud and malpractices in the industry.

In Central Visayas, HLURB has created Task Force 921/922, a team composed of seven HLURB officials who will process, evaluate, and approve all applications.

Lopez said the task force, which includes himself, is committed to act on all applications within five working days from the date of submission.

Failure to comply with the new rules are at risk of facing fines, HLURB said.

To ensure compliance, HLURB Arbiter Joe Vinson Empaces previously said the agency will monitor advertisements and will impose “appropriate” sanctions in case the rules are violated or ignored.

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