Workflow for processing of Applications for DPs, CR/LS, LC, etc.
  1. Filing of application with the Records Division, order of payment is issued, payment of 50% for processing fee with the cashier;
  2. Records Division forwards application to director and Head of the Technical Services for preliminary evaluation and assignment to processor;
  3. Processor evaluates application (sends notice of deficiency of requirements if needed), conducts site inspection (if needed) and prepares draft decision/action on application, secure clearances for legals, appeals, monitoring (processing is not resumed unless deficiencies are submitted;
  4. Head of the Technical Services reviews and initials action/decision;
  5. Regional Director reviews, approves/disapproves application;
  6. Applicant claims decision/action from Records Division after payments of remaining 50% of processing fees.

Note: (in application for Certificate of Registration/License to Sell) 

A notice to publish in a newspaper of general circulation is issued upon submission of the following: 

  • Registration Statement (stating the name of project and location), corporate papers (following HLURB prescribed form)
  • Sangguniang Bayan/Panlungsod Resolution or ordinance approving the development of subdivision project and copy of site development plan
  • Certified true copy of title(s) covering the project

After inspection for determination of remaining cost of development, a notice to post bond/bank guaranty is issued.

Issuance of Certificate of Registration/License To Sell
1. Day 1 Filing of Application for CR/LS
(Steps 1-11) (1 day)
2. Days 2-4 Evaluation of Application for CR/LS
(Steps 12-13) (1-3 days)
3. Day 5 Head reviews/initials Notice of
(Steps 14-15) Publication (1 day)
4. Day 6-22 (PD 957) Publication (17 days)
(Steps 16-19)
5. Day 6-18 (BP 220) Publication (13 days)
(Steps 16-19)
6. Day 23-25 Site Inspection (1-3 days)
(Steps 20-21)
7. Day 26 Prepares letter/computes performance
(Steps 22-23) Bond (1 day)
8. Day 27 Head reviews/initials letter to post
(Steps 24-25) performance bond (1 day)
9. Day 28 Posts performance bond (1 day)
(Steps 26-29)
10. Day 29-30 Determines/checks case/cmplaint
(Steps 30-32) against the project (2 days)
11. Day 31 Prepares decision (1 day)
(Step 33)
12. Day 32 Head reviews/signs CR/LS (1 day)
(Steps 34-35)
13. Day 33 Payment of Fees
(Steps 36-42)

Note: Required documents are complete and in order. 

Refer to flowchart for details 

Monitoring of Projects

1. Day 1
(Steps 1-2)
Evaluation of project records preparatory of Site Inspection
Day 1
(Step 2)
Signing of authority to inspect (Regional Director/Officer)
2. Day 2
(Step 3)
Conduct of Site Inspection
Day 2
(Step 3)
Preparation of Inspection Report/Findings
Day 2
(Step 4)
Determination of Inspection Report/Finding if there’s violation
3. Day 3-6 
(Steps 5-5b)
If there’s violation, issues Notice of Violation (NOV) on Cease and Desist
Day 3-6
(Steps 6-6b)
Order (CDO), If there’s no violation, advise re: PD 1216 (maintenance/donation)
4. Day 7-10 If reply is received, sends Order of Imposition of Fine, or detemine if reply is Meritorious
5. Day 11-14 
(Steps 9-20b)
Lifting of Order if meritorious
6. Day 15-45 
(Steps 11-12b)
Determination if there’ s compliance to Order of Imposition of fine (including mailing time)
7. Day 46-49
(Steps 13-13b)
Lifting of Filing Order if there is compliance to Order
8. Day 50 
(Step 14)
Filing of reconsideration to NOV or CDO/Order of Imposition of Fines
9. Day 51
(Step 15)
Re-evaluation of entire records if Re-evaluation is considered
10. Day 52
(Step 16)
Conduct of Site Inspection and/or monitoring if necessary
Day 52
(Step 16-18b)
Preparation of Site Inspection Report/Findings
Relief Order
Reduction of fine
Affirm OIF
Deny motion for reconsideration
11. Day 53
(Steps 19-19b)
Preparation of Writ of Execution, if proponent still refuses to comply with order
12. Day 53-113
(Step 20)
Determination if with reglementory period of Writ of Execution expired (60 days)
13. Day 114
(Steps 22-24)
Letter reminder to the sheriff requesting status of the writ issued
14. Day 115 If all administrative remedies are exhausted, case is endorsed to prosecutor’s office for criminal action
Day 115 (variable)
(Steps 25a-26)
Review of the case/issuance of decision


Required documents are complete and in order. 

Duration varies depending on the following:

  1. 1. Location of Project
  2. 2. Area
  3. 3. Excludes responsive time of respondents.

Refer to Flowchart for details

Approval of Advertisement
1. Day 1
(Steps 1-6)
Filing of application for Approval of Advertisement
(1 day)

Days 2 & 3
(Steps 7-12)

Evaluation of Applicationfor AdvertisementHead reviews/signs letter of approval/disapproval
(2 days)
3. Day 3 Release letter of approval/disapproval
(1 day)

Note: Required documents are complete and in order. 

Refer to flowchart for details

Disposition of Cases
  1. Complainant submits complaint to Records Officer for verification of completeness of requirements, assessment of filing fees and issuance of order of payment;
  2. Complainant pays filing fees with cashier;
  3. Records Officer receives complaint as duly filed;
  4. Director evaluates complaint and raffles the same to arbiter;
  5. Arbiter summons respondent and notifies complainant of preliminary hearing;
  6. Respondent answers complaint in 20 calendar days;
  7. Arbiters conduct preliminary hearing;
  8. If no settlement of case is reached, complainant and respondent file position paper and draft decision, and submit case for decision;
  9. Arbiters decide case within 30 days from submission for decision;
  10. If petition for review on the decision is filed on time, case is evaluated by arbiters to Board of Commissioners from further proceedings;
  11. Upon finality of decison, arbiters, upon motion issues a writ of execution;
  12. Court Sheriff executes decision.
1. Day 1
(Steps 1-3)
Filing of complaints
(1 day)
2. Day 2-4
(Step 4)
Raffle to arbiter 
(3 days)
3. Day 5-7
(Step 5)
Issuance of summons
(3 days)
4. Day 8-10
(Steps 6-8)
Arbiter reviews/signs summons and mailing of summons 
(3 days)
5. Day 11-17
(Step 9)
Expected receipt of issuance
(7 days respondent)
6. Day 18-37
(Step 9)
Filing of answer
7. Day 38-44
(Steps 10-11)
Receipt of answer, if filed by registered mail 
(7 days)
8. Day 45-48
(Steps 12-16)
Preliminary conference 
(4 days)

Day 49-108
(Steps 17-18)

Termination of preliminary conference (period of amicable settlement) 
(60 days from day 48 – max. period)
10. Day 109-138
(Steps 17-18)
Submission of position papers
(30 days from day 1018 – max. period)

Day 139-168
(Steps 17-18)

Submission of case for resolution and Drafting of decision
(30 days from Day 138 – max. period)
12. Day 169
(Steps 19-20)
Issuance of decision (1 day)

Refer to Flowchart for details

Requirements For Extension of Time For Development
  • Letter
  • Sworn Statement re: reasons for failure to complete the development of the project within the prescribed period from the issuance of Liscence to Sell, which reasons must be specific enough to clearly show how they have affected the development of the project. When proper, the allegations must be substantiated by documents and other evidences.
  • Program of Development duly signed and sealed by your Program Manager/Engineer indicating therein the expected date of start to finish for each devlopment activity;
  • Notarized Fact Sheet (Office Circular No. 11);
  • Sales Status Report (Form attached);
  • To advise in writing all lot buyers regarding your application for an extension or new period of time to develop the project and that said application shall be without prejudice to the exercise of their rights pursuant to Section 23 of P.D. 957. Thereafter, to submit proof of such advise (post offcie registry receipt) and a sample of said advise.
  • Filing Fee – P 350