My official function as your partner in the housing industry and as your Public Servant will terminate effective on February 16,2016.(midnight)

As I bid adieu from government service, I would like to say THANK YOU for all the support, patience and understanding that have been afforded to me during my tour of duty. It felt good to look back and realize, that I have somehow contributed to improve/enhance some aspects in housing industry insofar as Issuances of permits/licenses is concerned. There were stumbling blocks along the way but it does not hinder my goal to implement what is right and proper. It has been worth it all the while.

I have done my best to facilitate fast racking of issuance of permits by simplifying the process to have it approved within 21 (CR/LS) working days instead of 6 months, ad approval within 5 working days and as always, I do encourage transparency at all times.

It came as a challenge on how to assist the different Local Government Units(LGUs) to come up with their respective Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUPs) since almost 75% of City/Municipalities here in Central Visayas Region failed to update their respective CLUPs. Thus it prompted me to implement what I have started in Region XI,Davao City which is the CLUSTER/MODULAR APPROACH where in our OFFICE will facilitate the hands-on-training and to be participated by the technical working group, SB/SP Members, Vice Mayor and/or the Mayor itself. The LGUs has to allot between P360 to 400t as payment for their accommodation (5Days/4Nights), full board meals, training kits etc. which covers 6 modules at an average of 10 participants/module. Such innovation had been adopted by our Central Office and being implemented by all regional field offices. On conflicts between and among the Homeowners Association we use Mediation Proceedings and I spearheaded to address such issues and have it resolved at the soonest time possible.

Basically, I do love challenges and I tend to have an appetite for organizing and look beyond for perfection in the performance for each task – with the mindset that such actions are expected from every government employee for that matter.

However, everything wouldn’t be made possible if without the harmonious relationship that I have established with the different stakeholders (developers, LGUs, homeowners, NGO’s NGAs). It takes endless honest-to-goodness consultation meetings, skills upgrading seminar-workshop on housing guidelines and another related activities to properly define individual tasks and avoid duplication of work between and among housing partners in community building.

My job entails me to travel a lot to different LGU’s, hence, I would like to apologize for those times when I wasn’t able to meet your expectations.
Daghang Salamat kay nataga-an ko ug higayon nga makasilbi sa inyo nganhi sa Central Visayas. Resist all types of corruption and continue your vision to provide decent, affordable and quality housing units towards building self-sustained model communities. Mabuhay kayong lahat!